Anna Källén, Associate Professor in Archaeology
Department of Culture and Aesthetics
Stockholm University

Anna Källén is Associate Professor in Archaeology with focus on Critical Heritage Studies. Her research interests include the history of archaeology and contemporary usage of archaeological sites and narratives for commercial, recreational, or political purposes. Her most recent book is Stones Standing: Archaeology, Colonialism and Ecotourism in Northern Laos (2015)As the principal investigator, Källén’s main role in Code Narrative History is to provide a historical and contextual framework to the project’s enquiry into the creation and appropriation of archaeological knowledge based on genetics.


Andreas Nyblom, Associate Professor in Media History
Department of Culture and Aesthetics
Stockholm University

Andreas Nyblom is Associate Professor in Media History and senior lecturer in literature (at Linköping University). Relating to interdisciplinary fields of research such as celebrity studies, cultural memory studies and media history, his research deals with how cultural expressions, e.g. literature or scientific knowledge, are interpreted, presented and legitimized in public contexts. In Code Narrative History, Nyblom is responsible for textual analysis and for interpreting the relations between scientific and popular narratives.


Daniel Strand, Ph.D. in History of Ideas
Centre for Multidisciplinary Studies of Racism
Uppsala University

Daniel Strand is a Ph.D. in History of Ideas. Earning his doctorate from Stockholm University in 2016, Strand has taught History of Ideas and postcolonial theory since 2010. Strand’s research interests include modern political history, ideology studies and critical race theory. Employed at Uppsala University’s Centre for Multidisciplinary Studies of Racism, Strand’s primary role in Code Narrative History is investigating how popular presentation of archaeogenetics relate to prevailing notions of race and nationhood in Sweden, France and the United Kingdom.

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Charlotte Mulcare, Ph.D. in Genetics
University of Liverpool

Charlotte Mulcare has a Ph.D. in Genetics from University College London. She has more than a decade’s experience as a scientific consultant in communications, working with academic, commercial, governmental and third-sector organizations. Her fascination with ancient DNA started as an undergraduate, when she used DNA extraction for determining the sex of human remains from an Orkney burial site. Mulcare is connected to the project as a consultant, bringing insights from scientific communication and ensuring that all project analyses are informed by the most up-to-date research into archaeogenetics.